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Bye bye to the Miuras and bye bye to Sanfermines 2017

The people of Pamplona are generally very slim, but they like their bulls   very, very big. Take for example the Miuras from Sevilla that ran this morning, the 14th of July, and last encierro of Sanfermines.  Nevadito weighed in at 660 kilos, but a few

No gorings and just what was expected – sixth encierro

Fast as wolves and packed together like sardines..  The bulls of Victoriano del Río caused eight men to be taken to be the hospital complex of Pamplona this morning in the sixth encierro of Sanfermines.  Too fast even for gorings because they had one objective

Fast as lightning and no gorings

The Jandilla bulls spread fear even before the fifth encierro began in the streets of Pamplona this morning on the eleventh of July.  These animals from the ranch of Borja Domecq have visited our fiesta 18 times before with a balance of 30 injuries from

Speed, falls and nobility

True to their reputation, the Fuente Ymbro bulls in the fourth encierro of July 10 was almost a walk through the park. Almost. For twelve years this ranch has sent its bulls to Pamplona and Sanfermines where they have demonstrated their bravery and nobility. Today´s

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