A Total of 416 Journalists Accredited to Cover the Running of the Bulls

Yesterday the Internation Press Office for San Fermín (OIP) opened its doors to all journalists who need accreditations in order to work and take photographs in determined locations.  Since the year 2000, the OIP has been a constant presence in Pamplona during the fiesta, facilitating the jobs of thousands of media professionals, both from Spain and from around the world who have come to cover Sanfermines.

The OIP is located in the Pamplona Tourism Office of the Government of Navarra on Roncesvalles Street, 4, beside the monument to the running of the bulls – the “encierro” and is the result of colaboration between the Association of Journalists of Navarra, the Government of Navarra and the Town Hall of Pamplona.

The 2013 edition has a budget of 16,100 euros. Ten thousand euros come from the Government of Navarra, 5,000 from the Town Hall government and the remaining sum from the Association of Journalists of Navarra. In addition, the Government of Navarra provides the infrastructure and materials that are necessary to be able to attend those journalists who need the OIP´s assistance.

Juan Luis Sánchez de Muniáin, Second Vice-President and Minister for the Department of Culture, Tourism and Institutional Relations of the Government of Navarra attended the opening act yesterday of the Press Office, accompanied by María Caballero, Delegate of Employment, Commerce and Tourism of the Town Hall of Pamplona. They were welcomed by Fátima Ruíz, representative of the Association of Journalists of Navarra and the coordinator of the OIP.

1,926 Accreditations

One of the duties of the OIP is to give accreditation documentation to those journalists who have been officially recognized by the Town Hall of Pamplona.  This year a total of 1,926 accreditations to professionals from 18 countries will be distributed:  Spain-333  (80 percent of those accredited), France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Sweden, the Ukraine, Japon, Russia, Mexico, Portugal, the Low Countries, Colombia, Venezuela, Germany, Canada and Finland.  Among those from Spain, two of every three accredited are from Navarra, the Basque Country and Madrid with more than 30 accreditations.

The “encierro” or the running of the bulls is the most interesting event for these journalists.   416 people have been accredited to cover it. The most popular days are July 7, 8 and 9.  In spite of the fact that this year´s fiesta has two weekends, this has not influenced in the number of journalists for the last days of the fiesta.  The “Chupinazo” or opening act of Sanfermines has drawn 151 accredited journalists from 49 medias. The final act of Sanfermines, the “Pobre de Mí” or Poor Me has 95 journalists accreditated from 37 medias of communication.

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