Award Ceremony for the III International Contest of Photography of the Encierro

The photographer from Pamplona, Eduardo Buxens, was awarded the prize in the III edition of the International Contest of Photography of the Encierro for accredited professionals. The Mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya, gave Buxens his prize- a cobblestone taken from Estafeta Street. The prize of the Town Hall consists of 1,5000 euros.  The Mayor praised the work of the photographers “for Pamplona and for the fiesta of San Fermin.”

The ceremony took place on July 9 in the Café Iruña in the Plaza del Castillo. Among those assisting the act were Michel Iturralde, vice president of the Casa de Misericordia (MECA); Rafael Iruita, president of Café Iruña; David Palacios, president of the Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen de Navarrra and Miguel Ángel Barón, president of the Association of Journalists of Navarra.

Before the awarding of prizes, Fátima Ruíz, coordinator of the International Press Office  of the Association of Journalists of Navarra, (the group that organizes the contest), gave two sculptures as honorary awards to La Confradia Musical San Saturnino – 35 music lovers who foment the tradition of the fiesta. Manu Arellano received the prize in name of the group.

The second honorary reward went to Rafael Irutia, president of the Café Iruña in celebration of its 125 anniversary.

Jorge Goikoetxea, manager of the Mandarra de la Ramos, a private sponsor of one of the stretches of the encierro awarded the money received from the sale of photographs to Mari Mar Soto of the Association ACOAD, a center in Pamplona that helps those recovering from drug addiction.


Twelve Stretches

Following the the honorary prizes, each one of the 12 photographers were rewarded with a trophy by the sponsors of the different stretches of the encierro.  The original trophy  consists of a piece of the wooden barriers of the encierro where each photographer takes his photos. In addition, the winners were given a magnum bottle of Chivite 125, donated by the Bodegas Chivite

A the end of the ceremony, the Mayor, Enrique Maya, gave Eduardo Buxens the prize that recognized him as winner of the third edition of the International Press Office.


Winners and Stretches


*Santo Domingo Stretch. Sponsor, Obra Social La Caixa.  Gerardo Echavarren gave the prize to Iñaki Vegara.

*Plaza Consistorial Stretch. Sponsor, Consejo Regulador DO Navarra. Its presidente, David Palacios, presented the prize to the winner, Villar López.

*Mercaderes Stretch. Sponsor, Freixenet. The winner, Eduardo Buxens.

*Mercaderes Stretch – Curve. Sponsor, La Mandarra de la Ramos. Jorge Goikoetxea gave the prize to Iñaki Porto.

*Estafeta Stretch at the beginning.  Sponsor, the Centro Comercial Itaroa. Irene del Pozo, assistant manager. The author of the winning photo is Juan Antonio Garaikoetxa.

*Estafeta Stretch – middle . Sponsor, Café, cider restaurant Chez Belagua. Juan Carlos Oroz gave the prize to Eduardo Buxens.

*Estafeta Stretch – end – Sponsor, Reyno Gourmet. Iñaki Goñi, director of the Division of  Alimentaria of INTIA, gave the prize to Jacobo Silvestre.

*Curve of Telefonica Stretch. Sponsor, La Boteria.  Koldo Delgado gave the prize, awarded to Jorge Nagore,  and received by Ana Cabanillas in his name.

* Lead to the Entrance to the bull ring Stretch. Sponsor, Turismo Reyno de Navarra. The winner was Emilio Navarra.

*Entrance to the bull ring.  Sponsor, Eventos Zunzarren. The winning photographer was José Ramón Larrañaga.

Bull Ring Stretch. Sponsor, Casa de Misericordia. The Casa´s vice president, Michel Iturralde, gave the prize to Carlos Mediavilla. 





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