BULL RUN: Medical report

2018 Bull Runs Medical report – Updated daily

Injuries sustained in the encierros of Sanfermines 2018 and attended to in the hospital complex of Navarra in Pamplona

July 7th
7/7M.M.O. Male, 20 -years- old. CanadaTraumatismAyuntamientoMild7
7/7A.D.A. Male 22 -years- old. PamplonaTraumatismAyuntamientoMild7
7/7E.S.D. Male, 38-years- old. Sarriguren (Navarra)GoringSanto DomingoLess serious13
7/7D.C.O. Male, 40 -years- old. PamplonaTraumatismSanto DomingoSerious11
7/7I.M.R. Male, 34 -years- old. Castejón (Navarra)TraumatismTelefónicaMild7
July 8th
8/7L.M.B. Female, 20 -years- old. Morales del Rey (Zamora) TraumatismSanto DomingoMild8
8/7I.A.O. Male, 43-years- old. Deba (Guipúzcoa) TraumatismAyuntamiento Mild8
8/7J.A.G.T. Male, 29-years- old. Badajoz TraumatismTelefónicaLess serious8
8/7J.P.L.A. Male, 45-years- old. Pamplona TraumatismTelefónicaMild8
8/7M.R.T. Male, 40-years- old. New York (U.S.A) TraumatismSanto Domingo Serious8
July 9th
9/7J.A.P. Male, 19 -years- old. PamplonaTraumatismEstafetaLess serious9
9/7J.S. Male, 30 -years- old. Alaska(U.S.A)TraumatismMercaderesLess serious9
9/7F.S.G. Male, 37 -years- old. TafallaTraumatismMercaderes Mild9
9/7A.H.J. Male, 21 -years- old. Madrid (Madrid)TraumatismTelefónicaMild10
9/7U.S.S. Female, 20-years- old. Pamplona TraumatismTelefónicaMild9
July 10th
10/7L.E.E. Male, 51 years-old. Beriain (Navarra) TraumatismEstafetaMild10
10/7F.S.G. Male, 26 years-old. Madrid TraumatismTelefónicaMild10
10/7S.F. Male, 38 years-old. Schuandorf (Germany) TraumatismTelefónicaMild10
10/7D.M. Male, 50 years-old. Miami (U.S.A) TraumatismTelefónicaMild10
10/7I.P.E. Male, 20 years-old. Pamplona TraumatismEspoz y Mina Mild10
10/7A.M.Z. Male, 23 years-old. Pamplona.TraumatismEstafetaMild10
10/7P.S.B. Male, 18 years-old. Milagro (Navarra)TraumatismTelefónicaMild10
July 11th
11/7A.M.D., Male, 20-years-old, ZaragozaTraumatismCallejónMild11
11/7J.V.C., Male, 38 years-old. Onda (Castellón)TraumatismEspoz y MinaMild11
11/7J.R.D., Male, 25 years-old. Ansoáin / AntsoainTraumatismTelefónica-Callejón Mild11
11/7E.S.S., Male, 27 years-old. Rafelbunyol (Valencia)TraumatismTelefónicaMild11
July 12th
12/7J.Z.U., Male, 60 years-old, Zuasti de Iza TraumatismTelefónicaMild12
12/7D.G.M., Male, 24 years-old, San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) TraumatismMercaderesMild12
July 13th
13/7J.G.M, Male, 19 years old, SalamancaGoringAyuntamientoLess serious--
13/7A.T.P:, Male, 18 years old, Villava / AtarrabiaTraumatismTelefónica/EstafetaMild13
13/7P.S.M. Male, 26 years old, Sant Joan de Villatorrada (Tarragona)TraumatismSanto DomingoMild13
13/7A.D.M. Varón, 22 años, Pamplona / IruñaTraumatismMercaderesMild13
13/7M.Z.F. Male, 18 years old, Segorbe (Castellón)TraumatismEspoz y MinaMild13
13/7J.C.A. Male, 18 years old, Pamplona / IruñaTraumatismCallejónMild13
13/7A.M.G. Male, 38 years old, VillafrancaTraumatismEstafetaMild13
July 14th
14/7D.A.S. Male, 37 years-old. Tafalla (Navarra)TraumatismEstafetaMild14
14/7D.E.D. Male, 32 years-old. Madrid TraumatismTelefónicaSerious--
14/7R.V.C. Male 21 years-old. Navarra TraumatismTelefónicaMild14
14/7J.N.V. Male, 41 years-old. Navarra TraumatismMercaderesMild14
14/7P.F.L. Male, 27 years-old. Madrid TraumatismTelefónicaMild14
14/7P.B.G. Male, 21 years-old. Oyón (Álava) TraumatismAyuntamientoSerious--
14/7PP. Male, 27 years-old. FranceTraumatismTelefónicaMild14
The information provided here concerning injuries during Sanfermines comes to the OIP from the Government of Navarra in Spanish. The English translation has been shortened to avoid any misinterpretation.

SOURCEGobierno de Navarra

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