Caravinagre stars in the Poster Announcing Sanfermines 2015

The poster titled,  “Kilikón”, by Javier Erice Larumbe of Pamplona, will be the image of Sanfermines 2015 after being declared the winner by popular vote among 462 entriesin this year´s contest.

cartel_sf_2015 (1)“Kilikon” is  an  oil  painting showing the  profile  of  this  popular  “kiliki”, from theentourage of the giant kings and queens who dance through the streets of Pamplonaduring Sanfermines. Facing Caravinagre  or Vinegar Face, is the silhouette of a childtaunting the figure.

Javier Erice, studied decoration in the Escuela of Artes y Oficios in Pamplona. He alsoreceived classes of drawing and painting in the same school with well-known artistssuch as  Beunza,  Baquedano and Aquerreta.   Erice  has  participated  in  collective  artshows with his paintings and has obtained various prizes in photography. He considershimself to be self-taught. At this time he works with the Juan Oliver group.

Caravinagre for the Fourth Time

Since 1900 this is the fourth time that Caravinagre, this big-headed, little person fromthe royal entourage, has announced the fiesta of San Fermín. The last occasion was onlythree years ago when a designer from Navarra,  David Alegría   won the popular votewith his poster, “Te Quiero en San Fermín”. In it appears a “Kiliki” pointing with afinger towards the viewer with the sentence, “I want you for Sanfermines”, a caricature Uncle Sam

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