El Juli and El Fundi awarded ears in the bullfight of July 12

Under hot sun, the matadors El Fundi, El Juli and Sebastián Castella faced Victoriano del Río bulls and a full ring on July 12 in Sanfermines. El Fundi: ear and applause. El Juli: silence and an ear. Sebastián Castella:  grand applause and insults for the president who did not listen to the majority of the spectators and give an ear to the matador. Silence in the second bull.

José Pedro Prados, El Fundi, on his last day in the bullring of Pamplona, dedicated his first bull to the public and immediately began passes with both hands which turned the animal around and around him. At all times, the matador gave the animal both distance and the necessary time without rushing him.  A good sword thrust in an artistic climax and the first ear of the afternoon.El Juli had the bad luck of having to fight a wall rather than a bull.  There was no way for this great matador to show off his skills, and the bull tossed its head after every pass of the cape. The word is impossible, and although El Juli killed well with the sword, he only heard silence from the spectators.

Sebastián Castella demonstrated that he was firm and determined to be awarded a trophy in the third fight.  From the first, he gave distance to the bull and wove passes with the muleta that created expectation in the crowds. When the bull´s force began to fail, this French matador shortened the distance between himself and the animal until he was practically between his horns.  His sword only entered the bull halfway, but he had found the right place and heard supportive applause after the president of the bullfight refused to comply with the fans and award the matador an ear.

In the fourth bull of the afternoon, El Fundi led the bull to the horse and the pic in a way called a “galleo” with the cape on his back and moving in a series of zig zags. With the muleta, the matador followed the rules of the book for bulls that are about to fail from lack of strength. When El Fundi entered to kill, he was tossed into the air, remaining on the sand at the mercy of the bull. Perhaps due to the cape of San Fermín, the animal was unable to gore El Fundi, in this – his last performance in Pamplona. The public gave him a great round of applause.

El Juli dedicated the fifth bull to the public.  The matador showed determination and ambition, leading the bull into the muleta. El Juli gave distance to the bull in an attempt to prolong his passes. The fight was extremely well received by the public. El Juli did not kill perfectly, but he was awarded an ear.

In the last bull of the afternoon, Sebastián Castella was far superior to the bull in every moment. The matador tried everything possible to make the bull shine for him, but no luck. Castella did not kill well and only heard the sound of silence in the ring.

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