“El Pobre de Mi” or “Poor Me” marks the end of Sanfermines 2012

“Poor me, poor me, the fiestas of San Fermín are over!  These sad words were sang by thousands of persons at midnight, July 14, in the plaza of the Town Hall and in many other corners of the city.

After 204 hours of nonstop fun, the most international festival of all has ended with the only bright light of candles held by the participants and the knowledge that the countdown for Sanfermines 2013 has already begun.

At the strike of 12, midnight, the Town Councilman, Iñaki Cabasés, who had lit the fuse for the rocket announcing the start of the fiesta, stepped out onto the balcony of the Town Hall again but this time to signal with the lighting of another rocket signaling that Sanfermines 2012 had come to an end.As the clock moved towards midnight, families, friends and visitors sang and danced until the Mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya  joined Cabasés to pronounce the following traditional words, “People of Pamplona, the fiestas of San Fermín are over.”  He then added, “Thanks to all of you, we have enjoyed the best fiesta in the world.” With thousands of sad faces below him, he reminded the crowd that now we can start looking forward to Sanfermines 2013. Maya invited everyone to return to Pamplona next July 6 for the “chupinazo” rocket that officially sets off the next fiesta.

Following his words, those present slowly untied their red scarves that had been worn for the past nine days and holding them up in the air, sang more songs. Many then had plans to continue the partying the rest of the night.

A stream of rockets were fired to conclude the past 204 hours of Sanfermines.  This year, 431 offical acts were held with a budget of 2.4 millions of euros – an 8% less than in 2011.

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