Encierro 3D: Bull running in Pamplona

The film, Encierro 3D: Bull running in Pamplona can be seen during these Sanfermines both in 3D and in 2D in the theatres Saide-Carlos III. The director and scriptwriter is Olivier Van Der Zee and Enrique Urdánoz, plot, director of photographer and co-producer.

More information and and ticket buying on the web: www.saide.es/encierro3D.html


Encierro fans should not miss this exciting documentary-film about those who run from the bulls every morning during Sanfermines not for awards or applause, but for the sheer pleasure and adrenalin rush that comes from putting themselves in the path of these animals bred to kill. There have been 16 people mortally wounded in the last century and hundreds of others who have lived to tell the tale with scars to prove it. This 3D documentary offers drama, heroism and a cocktail of emotions that places the spectators right in front of the stampede of bulls weighing 600 kilos and with lethal horns.

Miguel Ángel Eguiluz, Paco Sanchez, Miguel Reta, Joe Distler, Noel Chandler and Julen Madina are six heros of the encierro who have permitted the film makers to enter into their lives and relive the encierro for the audience. Javier Solano, who for 22 years has been the voice of television retransmissions en TVE of the encierro participates in the film as well as José Antonio Jimeno, the father of Daniel Jimeno, the last young man to die in the encierro, with his personal vision of the running of the bulls.

According to the producers, this type of documenal is unique, with imagens never before seen. A high-speed camera 3D was suspended from a cable of 270 metres down the centre of Estafeta Street in order to follow the bulls and the runners.

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