For Fiestas free of sexist aggresions

Pamplona has joined the Navarra Institute of  Family and Equality in a proposal made to all town halls in Navarra to use a red hand in order to show its total rejection of sexist violence during our fiestas.Sexist violence can show itself in many degrees and intensities, but its initial origen is the same:  Not respecting the rights of women to make their own decisions concerning relationships, their bodies and/or their sexualites.

This year the Sanfermin campaign is supported by the Group “Sanfermines en Igualdad” or Equality in Sanfermines of the Municipal Council for Women and coordinated from the “Area de Bienestar Social e Igualdad” with the participation of the “Area de Seguridad Ciudadana“, Education and Culture.

The objective of this campaign of prevention and awareness among citizens is to join together in a firm rejection of this type of violence, a rejection wherever it might occur, day or night – in streets, bars, “peñas” or clubs or at bullfights.

The following are goals that are hoped to be achieved:

  • Demonstrate the commitment and consensus of the Town Hall, women´s associations, feminist groups and other social movements against sexist violence during fiestas.
  • Citizen awareness and rejection of sexist violence, calling attention to the necessity of safety in the city during fiestas to permit both young and older women enjoy themselves without the risk of violence or sexist aggressions in any way.
  • Information that includes emergency telephone numbers and the steps to take in case of an agression as well as identifying situations of risk and how to respond to sexist aggressions.  Information for witnesses on how to protect themselves, get help or place a complaint.
  • Contribute to the formation of the municipal police in order to better assist women in case of sexist aggressions.
  • Facilitate information to those persons working with civil protection – narajit@s -so that they are better able to respond and inform victims.
  • Awareness and information to media professionals concerning the best ways to handle these situations of sexist violence in their work.

2 thoughts on “For Fiestas free of sexist aggresions”

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  3. Mateus says:

    Jon!!! Mum and I just read this together and we think you are crazy!!! I can’t beivele that after you have survived the running of the bulls, you then have to escape the 6 younger ones for half an hour!!! I would have had a heart attack with that little suprise!Glad to hear you survived!Love Georgii and Naomi xxx

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