Fuente Ymbro Bulls Allow a Beautiful Encierro

The fourth “encierro” of Sanfermines with Fuente Ymbro bulls in Sanfermines 2015 lived up to expectations of speed (2 minutes and 24 seconds) and  bravery. It was a clean run with no gorings, and nobody has been taken to hospital because of the running.

Steers opened the way out of the corrals, but the only black bull in the herd soon took the lead up Santo Domingo.  After the curve of Mercaderes, danger raised its head with one runner plastered to a wall with the bulls too close for comfort, and another, who fell in Estafeta street where he was trampled by several bulls. The black bull also fell, but was able to lift himself up and continue the “encierro”.

There were fewer participants in the fourth  “encierro”, allowing more space for runners to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.
One runner was treated to a dislocation of an elbowat at the scene of the “encierro” and one person has been taken to hospital for another dislocation of an elbowwat but he was not running the bulls.

Following the “encierro”, heifers were let into the ring for the fun of amateurs. Seven people did not have time to enjoy themselves. The infirmary in the bull ring treated them. One was taken to hospital for cranial trauma.

2 thoughts on “Fuente Ymbro Bulls Allow a Beautiful Encierro”

  1. Devrim says:

    Just a comment. The place is Pamplona; San Fermin is the name of the fivtesal.And just what is barbaric about running in front of bulls? The barbaric part comes later in the afternoon, in the corrida. If anyone mistreats the bulls during the encierro, he gets reprimanded (read: beat up) by the rest of the runners. Not only is it not cool, it makes the run more dangerous because the bull may turn around to defend himself. That’s when the danger really starts.

  2. auto insurance says:

    Me dull. You smart. That’s just what I needed.

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