Garcigrandes of July 10 Encierro: Two Gorings and General Chaos‏

In the encierro of July 10, Garcigrande bulls left chaos in their path. Two gorings, runners falling and seven taken to hospital in two minutes and 30 seconds of excitement.

From the beginning of Santo Domingo, one of the bulls took the lead, charging five runners. Two of them were gored in the legs.

Once in the Plaza Consistorial, the herd regrouped, but in the curve at Mercaderes, two animals fell over two runners. Luckily the encierro continued with no gorings at that point.

Estafeta street was crowded with people who scrambled to escape the herd in a run both dangerous and exciting. Several participants were trampled, and, although one of the bulls became separated from the rest at the end of the encierro, the Garcigrandes continued on to the ring.

Medical Report

  • F.E.A., male, 46-years-old (Pamplona, Navarra). Gored in the left thigh. Condition: Fair.
  • S.J.B., male, 34-years-old (Berriozar, Navarra). Gored in the left thigh. Condition: Fair.
  • J.P.N., male, 35-years-old (Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real). Lumbar contusion. Condition: In observation
  • J.P.B., male, 54-years-old (Pamplona, Navarra). Fracture in the right hip. Condition: Serious.
  • S.L.D., male, 24-years-old (Berbinzana, Navarra). Trauma to the right hand. Released from hospital.
  • I.G.G., male, 27-years-old (Pamplona, Navarra). Leg contusions. Released from hospital.
  • F.C.M., male, 25-years-old (Caudete, Albacete). Contusion in the left leg. Released from hospital.
  • S.A.G., male, 28-years-old (Burlada, Navarra) multiple bruises. Released from hospital.

For more information, go to the pagina oficial del Gobierno de Navarra.

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