Glorious encierro in debut of La Palmosilla

The seventh and next to last encierro of Sanfermines was a mystery until the corral gates opened, allowing the La Palmosilla bulls to debut in style. It didn´t take long to find out what they were made of.

Foto: Xabier Sobrino.

This running of the bulls from Cadiz overflowed with emotion and marked the fastest encierro so far in Sanfermines – two minutes and 12 seconds.  Unlike other days with other ranches, La Palmosilla bulls did not huddle down within the protection of the oxen. Instead, they headed up the run practically the entire way.  Yes, there were falls, people stepped on and blows that hurt, but there was not one horn injury. The four runners that were taken to hospital suffered contusions, but they can say that they took part in the most beautiful encierro until now.

Weekend encierros are usually full of everyone who can fit inside the route, and this Saturday was no exception.  But even though this was true, today showcased a completely different encierro from the other ones of 2019, with picture postcard runs for participants and photographers. Great moments with no necessary intervention by healthcare workers. 

The bulls ran together until the Cuesta de Santo Domingo when one animal overtook the oxen and led the way.  Very soon after this, participants began to fall before the great speed of La Palmosilla bulls and the huge number of people.

In the second stretch, two bulls were at the head, and in the Plaza Consistorial suddenly there were three, permitting runners to experience what the encierro is all about.  In the curve of Mercaderes, four bulls were leaders of the others, stretching out a bit as they entered Estafeta, showing a herd divided into groups, although not too separated from each other – but always with bulls and not oxen at the head.  The run gained speed in the last stretch of Estafeta, and that was when the falls and minor injuries occurred, but no gorings.

Although at first there were doubts about this ranch whose bulls had never run the encierro in Sanfermines and also because running with masses of people can be problematic, these La Palmosilla bulls surprised one and all.

First Medical Report

Four people were taken to the hospital complex of Navarra for various traumatisms in Estafeta, Santo Domingo and the Plaza de Toros.

For more information, consult the official medical report here.

These brilliant bulls will be hard to beat in the days that come and if they are invited to Sanfermines 1920.  The matadors facing them this afternoon are Javier Marín, debuting and from Navarra, the Mexican matador, Luis David and José Garrido.

Their six bulls are named Tinajón, Cateto, Diligente, Viandero, Brujito and Distante.


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