International Photograph Competition prizes presented in ceremony

Wednesday 11th of July 2018. Café Iruña 11 a.m.
International Photograph Competition prizes presented in ceremony. Photo by David González Campo.

The presentation of prizes in the eighth edition of the International Contest of Photographs of the Encierro for accredited journalists took place on July 11 in the Café Iruña, a favorite hangout of Ernest Hemingway.  For the fifth time this lovely café watched with its old eyes the flashes of photographs, the joy of the winners and another good time had by all.  This initiative was organized by the Association of Journalists of Navarra with the sponsorship of Casa de Misericordia, Café Iruña, Bodegas Chivite, Baluarte, Reyno de Navarra, the Corte Inglés, the Cofradía Musical San Saturnino and the Carpintería Hermanos Aldaz, whose employees create the “pieces of wood” – the symbols of Sanfermines- that are presented to winners to remember the posts taken from the different stretches of the encierro route.

Twenty-six authors participated in this edition with 68 fotos competing. Of these, 29 are in an exhibit that can be seen these days in Baluarte and later in Condestable.

Music filled the air thanks to the Cofradía Musical San Saturnino before the prizes were presented to the best imagens of Sanfermines 2017.  The winners were given fragments of posts and cobblestones where the encierro takes place.  In addition, the winners received a Magnum Reserve from Bodegas Chivite.

The winner of this eighth edition was Javier Martínez de la Puente, prize Town Hall of Pamplona, taking away 1,000 euros and a cobblestone from the encierro route for a photo shot in the Plaza Consistorial.  The mayor, Joseba Asirón, handed the prize to this winner, recognizing “the difficulty of taking an original photograph of an event that is the objective of so many cameras.”  The Mayor also praised the inclusion of a woman who was a winner, Villar López, who was given her prize by Imanol Sánchez with the sponsorship of Gastrobar Moka, a special prize for her photo taken in the Mercaderes stretch “for its strength.”

The other two special prizes went to Rúben Albarrán for its being spectacular and to Sergio Gago for the beauty of his photo. These prizes were sponsored by Bar Gaucho and La Caixa, who also gave a part of the fence of the encierro and a bottle Magnum 150 Anniversary of Bodegas Chivite.  Alejandro Miguel Simón   received the second prize with 500 euros.  The manager of Centro Itaroa, Patxi Biurrún, presented this same photographer. the prize of the Jurado Popular, voted for by clients of Itaroa.

The other winners were José Ángel Ayerra for the stretch of Santo Domingo with sponsorship of Centro Comercial Itaroa; Javier Martínez de la Puente for the stretch of the Town Hall, sponsored by Cara Vinagre/ Ansoleaga, 33;  Antonio Jaén for the Mercaderes stretch, sponsored by Consejo Regulador DO Navarra;  Alejandro Miguel Simón, for the Curve of Mercaderes, sponsored by Iruñazarra; Miguel Fernández Malumbres, for the first part of Estafeta, sponsored by Katuzarra;  David Domench for the second part of Estafeta, sponsored by Chez Belagua;  Javier García Lerga, for the Teléfono stretch, sponsored by Monasterio;  Blas Pardo, for the Bajada Callejón stretch, sponsored by La Botería;  Alejandro Navarro, for the Callejón stretch, sponsored by Reyno Gourmet; and Carlos Calleja, who received a loud applause – his photo of the bullring with sponsor, Reyno de Navarra. Everyone was given a part of the post of the encierro and a bottle Magnum 150 Anniversary of Bodegas Chivite.

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