IXth International Photo Contest of the Encierro

Journalists of Navarra have inaugurated the eighth edition of the International Photography Competition of the Encierro for professionals accredited by the Service of Communication of the Town Hall of Pamplona, covering the Encierros of San Fermín, with the theme, “Essence of the Fiesta”. The goal of this competition is to recognize the long-standing tradition and cultural, aesthetic beauty the running of the bulls has for the people of Pamplona and the Foral Community of Navarra.  All accredited photographers are invited to participate by the International Press Office (OIP) and the Asociación de Periodistas de Navarra.



  • EL ENCIERRO DE SAN FERMÍN / The aesthetic beauty of the running of the bulls


  • Open only to photographers accredited to work in the Encierro by the Service of Communication from the area of Citizen Participation and New Technologies of the Town Hall of Pamplona.
  • Participation in this competition presupposes the total acceptance of all conditions listed in conditions expanded upon below.


  • Photographers must confirm that they are the authors of the submitted photographs and that they possess all rights to said photographs.
  • The photographs must have been taken during the Encierros of 2018 whether published or not.
  • The photographs must adhere to the theme of the competition. The Organizing Committee of the competition maintains the right to accept or not to accept photographs according to their adherence to the theme of the competition.
  • Journalists of Navarra will, under no circumstances, manipulate the images.


  • The content of the photograph cannot be altered except in the following circumstances: touch ups accepted in the sector, such as adjusting light, contrast and colour, overexposure and underexposure.  No other changes are permitted in the original digital image.
  • No assemblage of photographs or more than one shot in the same photograph will be accepted. Photographs with borders, backgrounds and other added special effects will be eliminated from the competition.  The images must not show the name of the author, agency or any other publicity whatsoever.


  • Photographers who participate in the competition, cede the following rights:
    • Photographers of winning photographs cede all rights pertaining to their photographs to the Asociación Periodistas de Navarra for its unlimited use in activities under the control of said Press Association with no payment involved.
    • This authorization is limited to a period of ten years, beginning with the final decision of the judges.  In the event of publication, the photographer’s name will be noted.
    • During this period, the photographs may be used by the contest organizer, in own or third party publications duly authorized, without permission of the author.
    • The remainder of the photographers who have participated in the competition cede the free use of their images to the Asociación Periodistas de Navarra for use in exhibits and publications, including web sites that promote the activities of the Competition.
    • This authorization is limited to a period of 18 months, beginning at the time of the final decision of the judges.


  • Each participant may submit a maximum of three photographs.
  • Images must be presented in a single format/media:

Digitally: with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and in high quality formats or TIFF with any colour profile and a minimum size of 40 cms on its smallest side. Digital files must be sent to this email: or through at the same mailing address.

  • It is mandatory to provide the author basic information (name, address, telephone number and Spanish Identity Card or Passport number) and the section of the encierro where the photo was taken.


  • Photographs must be RECEIVED between April 15th 2019 and 23:59 on June 7th, 2019.


  • The organization of the contest and the sponsors will prepare exhibits on different dates with images they choose. The name of the author will always be displayed.
  • In addition, the images will be publicized by the media, web sites and social internet groups of the Asociación de Periodistas de Navarra and from the International Press Office (OIP).


  • The Organizing Committee is made up of individuals named by the Board of Directors of the Asociación de Periodistas de Navarra.


  • The jury of the competition is named by the Organizing Committee and consists of professionals related to photography, art and bullfighting.


  • All finalists in each category or section of the bullrunning route will obtain a special prize created exclusively for this competition. From among all of the finalists, the jury will award two prizes to the winning photographs.
  • Different sections of the route of the Encierro to be considered in the competition are:
    1. Santo Domingo
    2. Plaza Consistorial
    3. Mercaderes/ before the curve
    4. Mercaderes/ curve
    5. Estafeta/ first part
    6. Estafeta/ final part
    7. Telefónica
    8. Bajada del Callejón
    9. Callejón
    10. Plaza de Toros
  • NOTE: The jury maintains the right not to award a prize for photographs of any section of the route not considered to adhere to the theme of the competition or not meeting the competition’s standards.

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