La Pamplonesa, Awarded by Napardi with the Gallico de Oro

La Pamplonesa band has earned yet another important award: the Gallico de Oro 2019, given each year by the well-known gastronomy society, Napardi.  The prize will be awarded on July 11. According to the band members, La Pamplonesa has won the Gallico because of its long years filling the streets with music and its members who often are anonymous musicians. 

Emilio Bretos, Miki Ayestarán and Pachi Ordorica, members of Napardi.

Emilio Bretos, Miki Ayestarán and Pachi Ordorica, members of Napardi.

Miki Ayesteran, president of Napardi, comments that the band is celebrating its 100th birthday, and “this type of thing doesn’t happen every day.”  The sociedad gastronómica Napardi explains in this way some of the reasons why La Pamplonesa has been awarded the Gallico de Oro 2019. This is the 34th edition of this award, usually given to people, and the third time to a group linked to the fiesta in the world of art, science, sports or culture.

Last year the Gallico was given to composer Teresa Catalán, and this isn’t the only time that Napardi is linked to music. In 1992 the “Maestro” Manuel Turrillas was given the prize and, in 1999, Ricardo García Cerdá. La Pamplonesa, that will also light the fuse of the Chupinazo, officially beginning Sanfermines. Ayesteran points out that “this is a glorious year for our beloved band.”

Napardi, currently with some 200 members, has been awarding Gallicos de Oro since 1986. The following are an example of others who have received the prize:

  • 1986. Alfredo Landa.
  • 1987. José Joaquín Arazuri.
  • 1988. Miguel de la Quadra Salcedo.
  • 1989. Francis Bartolozzi.
  • 1990. Julián Retegi.
  • 1991. José Mª Pérez Salazar.
  • 1992. Manuel Turrillas.
  • 1993. Mariano Carlón Maqueda.
  • 1994. Los Iruñako.
  • 1995. Gregorio González, Don Goyo.
  • 1996. Miguel Canalejo.
  • 1997. Montxo Armendáriz.
  • 1998. Miguel Induráin.
  • 1999. Ricardo García Cerdá.
  • 2000. Miguel Ángel Argal.
  • 2001. Antonio José Ruiz.
  • 2002. Juan José Martinena.
  • 2003. Javier Manterola.
  • 2004. Óscar Insausti.
  • 2005. María Ángeles Mezquíriz.
  • 2006. César Oroz.
  • 2007. Juan José Armendáriz.
  • 2008. Pedro Salaberri.
  • 2009. Fernando Serrano.
  • 2010. Comparsa de Gigantes, Kilikis y Cabezudos.
  • 2011. Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza.
  • 2012. Iñaki Perurena.
  • 2013. Manuel Martínez Grande.
  • 2014. Enrike Zelaia.
  • 2015. Orfeón Pamplonés.
  • 2016. Enrique Martín Monreal.
  • 2017. Carlos Ciriza.
  • 2018. Teresa Catalán Sánchez.

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