Live the emotion of the encierros in 3D

For the first time in the history of Sanfermines, a group of habitual runners will be recording the encierros of San Fermín 2012, from July 9 to July 14, with 3D cameras so that the public willl have the opportunity to live the emotion of the running of the bulls without any risks and in a way never before experienced.

The images shown will be real, subjective views of the sensations felt by runners during each encierro. A system called Surround will permit the viewer to hear all the sounds of the encierro – the harsh breathing of the runners and the bulls behind them as well as the background noise of the spectators.

Each runner will be wearing cameras GOPRO3D, known for their light weight and manageability, fixed to their chests by a harness with velcro which opens in case of an emergency. The cameras are not visible as they will be worn under special lycra tee-shirts with two very small openings – less than an inch – for the camera lens. On top of this tee-shirt, the participating runners will wear their own clothes.

This system allows absolute movement for the runner, and its operation is totally automatic, causing no problem for the ones wearing the harness or for any other runners.

After each encierro, images will be distributed with no charge on the following Internet page:, where users can see different live images recorded by the runners throughout the encierro route by way of a multi-screen reproducer.

A tent will be installed in the Paseo de Sarasate in Pamplona for all visitors to experience the encierro, free of charge, as if he or she were actually here running from the bulls by way of screens with viewfinders and cameras with 3D incorporated in them.

This initiative comes from Burn (Coca Cola´s energy drink) with permission from the Town Hall of Pamplona with the objective described above: live the real emotions of the encierro without any risk to yourself and in a way never seen before.

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