Manuel Martínez Grande Awarded the “Gallico de Oro” from Napardi

Napardi is a very famous gastronomic  society, and each year it awards a prize – the Gallico de Oro. This is the 60th anniversary of the society, and the 28th prize awarded. The honored person is Dr. Manuel Martínez Grande, the former head of the Service of Traumas and Orthopedic Surgery in the Hospital Virgen del Camino and the responsible person for the creation of the Department of Traumas in the Clínica Ubarmin. Dr. Martínez Grande received his prize – the Gallico de Oro- from José Luis Pujol, president of the society el Gallico Napardi.

Following a ceremonial Basque dance, the aurresku, Fernando Cañadas of Napardi gave Dr. Manuel Martínez Grande a manuscript certifiying that he had won this prize the 28th gallico. Then José Luis Pujol, Napardi´s president gave his his trophy.

The Gallico of Napardi  recognizes people born in Pamplona or joined to the city for their contributions to art, science, humanities, sports and the business world.

The president of Napardi thanked the prize-winner for his work helping others and for being embassador of this land.

The Mayor, Enrique Maya, congratulated Dr. Martínez and declared his satisfaction at being invited to participate along with Eduardo Vall, who had been the recipient of another honor – that of lighting the fuse to begin the fiesta of San Fermín.

Miguel Ángel Barón, president of the Association of Journalists of Navarra also attended the ceremony.

The music of the act was provided by musicians from Estella and the chorus of Napardi, directed by Alfonso Ortiz. The chorus sang “Agur Jaunak” and the Hymm of Napardi.

At 8 a.m. accompanied by the members of Napardi, the winner was invited to see the encierro from the Town Hall. After the ceremony, they visited La Mañueta, a famous churro shop, and then on to the dance of the alpargata (rope-bottomed shoes) in the Nuevo Casino Principal. There was a snack served later at 10:30 a.m. in Napardi. Lunch in Napardi was roast lamb, codfish stew and “pochas” – a white bean.

At 5:15 p.m. a march took place to the Town Hall, where the winner directed the Pamplonesa Band.



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