Navarra, land of wines

Navarra annually produces 84,218,523 kilos of wine with the official origen stamp of Navarra. This includes all types and varieties of wines. Logically not all of it is consumed by the people of Navarra as that would mean an average of more than than 190 kilos per adult. Navarra exports around 37 % of all wine produced to countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Switzerland and Holland.

The remaining 63% of production is consumed in Spain and a large part of it in Navarra itself for the pleasure of our people and visitors. “Ir de Vinos” or go for wines is a delightful custom which means going from bar to bar drinking different wines with your friends. In many occasions, not only do you have a glass of wine but also are offered a delicious tapa or “pincho” to go along with it.

Throughout the year, an average of 11 litros of wine are consumed by each person of Navarra. This wine tasting of different types may place in wine cellars of which there are many or in bars, restaurants and in homes. There are more than 110 “bodegas” or wineries in Navarra with over 11,000 hectares authorized for growing grapes.

When you speak of wine produced in Navarra, you must account for many different kinds. Curiously enough, on Estafeta street you may see groups of friends holding glasses of red Navarra wine, while on San Nicolás street, rosés are the wines of choice. Or you could find someone from Tudela enjoying a Sauvignon Blanc on Muro street, a neighbor of Corella with a Chardonnay in Mayor street or someone from Elizondo drinking a Garnacha in Jaime Urrutia street. It´s up to you to find your favorite wine from Navarra, and you can be sure they are all superb.

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