Nazaré and Marco awarded ears in the third bullfight of Sanfermines

Good weather, a full house and Cebada Gago bulls that had run a dangerous encierro that same morning made for a perfect day in the third fight of Sanfermines on July 9th. The matadors were Francisco Marco, Morenito de Aranda and Antonio Nazaré.

Francisco Marco, from Estella, Navarra, was first onto the sand, but in spite of his solid performance and fans asking for him to be awarded an ear, he wasn´t lucky with the sword. No ear, but a turn around the ring to the sweet sound of applause.

Morenito de Aranda gave a better show than the bull did in every pass of the cape. He killed his first bull after two tries and was applauded by the spectators.

In the third fight of the afternoon, Antonio Nazaré from Sevilla stayed firm and determined to triumph even though the Cebada Gago bull he had drawn wasn´t up to the task. There was a weak petition for an ear for Nazaré, but instead he saluted the crowd from the center of the ring.

Francisco Marco cut the first ear of the afternoon in the fight with his second bull that presented many more opportunities for passes than his brothers. This bullfighter from Navarra was correct during the faena with a showy finale and a wel-placed sword. One ear to take home.

Morenito de Aranda could do nothing with the fifth bull. In spite of this, the matador showed determination in the hopes of recharging the animal. No good with the sword and silence from the spectators.

The fans of Pamplona´s bullfights had to wait until the last bull of the afternoon to see poetry in the ring. Antonio Nazaré had the best bull of the lot, and he knew what to do with it to create beautiful passes with the cape and muleta. He earned a well-deserved ear.

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