Padilla Triumphs in the last bullfight of Sanfermines 2012

Juan José Padilla is an idol in Pamplona, and after placing his own “banderilllas”, a grand performance with the muleta and a perfect sword thrust, he was awarded the first Torrehandilla/Torreherberos ear of the afternoon.

Determination describes El Juli´s performance with the muleta and his first bull. He put it all on the line in an attempt to bring the animal up to par, but you can´t do anything with nothing, and El Juli finally gave up and went straight to the kill which he carried out well to the sound of silence.

Daniel Luque had trouble with the wind – the nightmare of matadors. He greeted the bull on his knees, and although he was fine with the muleta in spite of his Torrehandilla, he did not kill well and only heard silence in the ring.

Juan José Padilla also drew a bull not worthy of its name in his second appearance on the sand in front of a public that adores him. Padilla is so good that he even seemed to invent passes with the muleta to draw attention away from the feeble bull. There was an especially emotional moment when he dedicated the animal to the families of El Chano and Jacinto Salazar. From the moment he placed the “banderillas”, it was clear that his public wanted him to leave Pamplona through the “Big Door” of the Plaza on the shoulders of fans. He killed perfectly and was awarded the most important prize and an ear with all the respect in the world.

El Juli, who had dedicated his time to teach children a little about bullfighting the day before, crashed with his last Torrehandilla. Once again, this matador tried everything to thrill the public with his art, but it was wasted effort. He killed well and received applause.

Daniel Luque said goodbye to Sanfermines 2012 with an ear, earned by his fight at the last of the afternoon. The bull again lacked breeding, but the matador was able to perform a few passes with the muleta. He was rewarded with a turn around the ring.


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