The “Novillada” or bullfight with six bulls (novillos), less than four-years-old, will be fought today at 8 pm by “novilleros” or young men who have not yet graduated to the status of matador. The bulls are from the ranch of El Parralejo in Zufre (Huelva), and their colors are old gold and green. El Parralejo had its debut in Pamplona in 2011 . The ranch foreman is Juan Izquierdo Álvarez.

The “novilleros” will be Gómez del Pilar who was born in Madrid in 1988. His first fight where “picadores” or men who pic the bulls and weaken their neck muscles was on April 11, 2010. Gómez del Pilar has fought in Peralta, Navarra on four occasions, but this is his first time in Pamplona.

Román was born in Valencia in 1993. He first fought with “picadores” was on September, 24, 2011 in Valencia. He fought calves in San Adrián, Navarra. This is his first fight in Pamplona´s bullring.

Gonzalo Caballero has only faced two “novilladas” with “picadores” , but the Casa de Misericordia decided to give him an opportunity in Sanfermines. Gonzalo Caballero was born in 1991 en Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid. He made his presentation in Las Ventas – the bullring of Madrid on July 27, 2011

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