Rural sports champion and the association of journalists of Navarra honored by Napardi

Iñaki Perurena, a champion of lifting tremendously heavy weights, and the Association of Journalists of Navarra were awarded the “Gallico de Oro” and silver plate prizes by the famous gastronomic society, Napardi, on Tuesday afternoon in the presence of the Mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya.

Iñaki Perurena, while thanking the members of Napardi for his “Gallico”, said, “This is a great day in my life- something wonderful to remember as it shows love and appreciation from the people”. Iñaki Perurena also shared some of this childhood memories. “When I was a young boy, my parents sent us to take our exams in Pamplona. We lived in Leitza, and we all went in a small truck that delivered packages. We got out at the school Ximénez de Rada, and we were so impressed seeing the children from the capital so well-dressed with their hair so well-combed too.”

Napardi´s prize is given to “people from Navarra or to those with an attachment to Navarra who are outstanding in the fields of the arts, sciences, sport, culture or humanities.”

The gastronomic society also rewarded the Association of Journalists of Navarra to honor the celebration of its 101 year anniversary with a silver plate. Miguel Ángel Barón, president of the Association of Journalists of Navarra said, “We are extremely happy to receive this recognition -especially in a moment that is very difficult for the profession and in which we need the support of everyone. Long life to Napardi.”

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