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Following Hemingway

“There was a man whose name and work is known all around the world. He was an American journalist and writer named Ernest Hemingway, who in the year 1953 was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and who died in a tragic way in 1961. This man published a novel called “Fiesta” in 1926 whose second part takes place in Sanfermines of the year before. This novel , read by millions, resulted in making the capital of Navarra and its fiestas of San Fermín acquire world fame.”

Navarra and its gastronomy

La gastronomía es uno de los principales atractivos de Navarra. Ofrece el sabor de antaño porque se ha sabido conservar la tradición culinaria. Los establecimientos de restauración han logrado prestigio internacional gracias a un equilibrio entre la tradición y la nueva cocina, y también a la riqueza de la materia prima con que se elaboran sus platos.

Navarra, land of wines

Navarra annually produces 84,218,523 kilos of wine with the official origen stamp of Navarra. This includes all types and varieties of wines. Logically not all of it is consumed by the people of Navarra as that would mean an average of more than than 190 kilos per adult. Navarra exports around 37 % of all wine produced to countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Switzerland and Holland.

Navarra in red and white

The time is 11:59 am on July 6, and the plaza is full to the brim with people who have been crossing off the days on their calendars up until this moment. From the balcony of the town hall, a person shouts, “Lesakarras, Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermín!” A rocket is launched into the sky and the fiesta of San Fermín has officially begun. But…Lesakarras? Not People of Pamplona?

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