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Monumental Navarra

Navarra´s architecture is rich and varied. The Way of St James or “Camino de Santiago” has had a powerful influence in the fantastic buildings and monuments a pilgrim will see on his or her journey. Together with the beauty, history and piety of the architecture,

Routes Along the Walls of Pamplona

The Walls of Pamplona were originally part of a fortified structure for the city and are some of the best conserved in all of Europe. They was built between the 16th and 19th centuries and withstood wars and even destruction, which did not bring it down in its entirety. Today, due to an important plan of renovation, the Walls make up one of the most emblematic routes of Pamplona. In 2012 the Walls of Pamplona were awarded the International “Europa Nostra” prize for this magnificent renovation.

Pamplona and its Historic Centre

“La Plaza del Castillo” is one of the most vital points in Pamplona. It receives its name from a castle built by Luis el Hutín in the 14th century on one of the edges of the plaza. This castle was substituted by another one, built

Filmed in Navarra

Los sanfermines han sido el motivo elegido por diferentes directores para grabar sus películas pero, además, en numerosas ocasiones, Navarra, ha servido como plató de cine en el que se han rodado secuencias de varias películas de relieve nacional e internacional.

Following Hemingway

“There was a man whose name and work is known all around the world. He was an American journalist and writer named Ernest Hemingway, who in the year 1953 was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and who died in a tragic way in 1961. This man published a novel called “Fiesta” in 1926 whose second part takes place in Sanfermines of the year before. This novel , read by millions, resulted in making the capital of Navarra and its fiestas of San Fermín acquire world fame.”

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