Sixth Encierro: Fast, Calm and even a Bit Boring

Following last Friday´s hair-raising encierro in Sanfermines 2015,  the encierro of July 12 with Conde de la Maza bulls from Sevilla was a “walk in the park”: clean, fast (two minutes and 27 seconds) and only one runner taken to hospital with a dislocated shoulder.

This encierro of these bulls, with an average weight of 590 kilos, could almost be considered a debut in Pamplona as the ranch has not appeared in the fiesta of the city  for 34 years.  Only a few falls of the participants at the beginning of Santo Domingo, and the Conde de la Maza bulls continued on their way up the slope with three bulls at the head of the herd.

Upon reaching the Town Hall, the herd separated into two groups that gave the opportunity for good runs in front of the horns of the bulls.  In Estafeta street, it was clear that today was a popular one for the encierro with hundreds of runners massed together. From time to time a bull glanced at a runner, but there were no charges  or even attempts to charge. These bulls were in a hurry to reach the ring.

Medical Report

M.L.S. 22- years-old. Oviedo (Asturias) Teléfonica stretch. Dislocation of shoulder. Discharged from hospital.

The five runners who remain in hospital are progressing well.
The heifers loose in the ring after the encierro caused injuries to 16  people – mainly dislocations and fractures. One man from Australia was transferred to hospital.

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