The Amusement Park Opens on July 5 with New Attractions

This Friday, July 5, the traditional San Fermín amusement park will open to the public in the Runa Park of Pamplona with 81 attractions. For the last six years, the fair has been located in the Rochapea neighbourhood of the city between the bridges of Curtidores and Vergel.  The giant ferris wheel, on the other hand, is in Antoniutti Park and has been operating since June 26.

This year´s amusement park  offers new attractions, which include four tombolas, 22 snack-food stands where the visitor can buy ice cream, “churros” or sugared strips of donut dough, crisps, chips, sweets and wine.  There will be twenty attractions to test one´s skill ( ball throwing or darts, pellet guns to hit targets, camel racing or ball punching – to name a few).  The other 35 are rides for all ages: 20 for adults such as the roller coaster, the “booster” or a Viking boat and 15 for smallfry, who can have great fun with small trains, little horses and bumper cars.

The amusement park has the same schedule as last year:  in the day, it opens at noon and closes at 6 a.m. except for July 5 and July 15 when the park closes at midnight.  During certain hours, no music is permitted: after 3 a.m. and during the “encierro” between 21:45 p.m. and 22:15 p.m.

On the Day of the Children, July 15, prices of the attractions will be reduced.

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