The Image of a Minotaur, Protagonist of the poster for the Fair of the Bull 2018

The poster announcing the bullfighting festivities of San Fermín in 2018 has been created by the French artist, Loren Pallatier in which one can see the figure of a minotaur facing the bullring in Pamplona.

Pallatier is the first Frenchman that the Casa de Misericordia has requested to create a poster announcing the Fair of the Bull. Beyond a doubt, this poster is striking and shows the close relationship of Pallatier with the world of bullfighting, first as a novice or “novillero” and later as an artist.


Loren explains his work as a minotaur with its back to the observer because it is running the “encierro”. There is a yellow explosion  when the minotaur reaches the ring with the words “Bull Fair”/2018.  “Fe” for the faith of the runner and the word “Ir”, inviting one and all to Pamplona, for the most important fair in the world.”

 Usually the artist uses photographs with the most modern techniques. Some supports could be barriers to a bullring, cloth from the bullfighter´s cape, the bullfighter´s suit, sheets, etc giving the materials a new meaning.  Ancient images or modern ones, mixed with paint, drawings, collage effects and others invite the viewer to personal thoughts about his own death.

 Reproductions of the poster of 2018 can be bought in two formats at the prices of three euros and two euros in the reception area of the Casa de Misericordia of Pamplona , at the door of the “encierro” in the bullring of Pamplona or at this link. 

Additional information on the web page of the artist.



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