Tim Pinks Travels Back in Time to Hang Out with Ernest Hemingway

Tim Pinks, a well-known writer from London, visited the International Press Office today to talk about his newest book, “Once Upon a Time in Pamplona”.

Pinks has been coming to Sanfermines for 32 years, since 1984.  He knows every aspect of the fiesta inside and out, although he has not run with the bulls since 1999. “I wasn´t a good runner, but I did experience some fantastic moments with only a  scratch.”

Tim Pinks loves everything about Sanfermines. “If they removed most of the fiesta, I would still come to Pamplona for the wonderful people.

In his new book, there are two stories in one.  Pinks hesitates on exactly how to describe the novel, “Once Upon a Time in Pamplona”.  They are ghost stories, but, then again, maybe they are fairy tales. This author has been fascinated by Ernest Hemingway for many years, and the book describes his adventures with the famous author in 1925 and in 1959.

“I get drunk in 1989 during Sanfermines and when I wake up, it´s 1925. I thought I was having a tremendous hangover when I saw the band stand covered in wood. I couldn´t find the loo and was totally disoriented.  As this point, Hemingway and friends sat down at a café next to me and asked me to translate something for them. Hemingway introduced himself and his wife, Hadley”

The next time Tim Pinks is living in 2003 and wakes up in a car park in the year 1959. Suddenly Juanito Quintana appears behind Pinks looking as young as he was when he and Hemingway were best friends in Pamplona. The author stops here so as not to give away what happens next.  And then Tim Pinks disappears into the fiesta of 2015.

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