Triumph for Hermoso de Mendoza and Armendáriz

Bullfighting on horseback is one of the most beautiful forms of this art. Yesterday, the big doors to the ring opened for Hermoso de Mendoza and Armendáriz – both from Navarra. Sergio Galán was awarded with an ear.

Disparate”, the first horse ridden by Hermoso de Mendoza slipped right in the face of the bull, but in spite of that mishap and the deadly chopping motions of the animal, neither horse nor rider were harmed.

Hermoso de Mendoza from Estella connected with the spectators as he always does in Pamplona because of his elegant passes and dangerous risks taken. A delay in the kill left the matador without an ear.

The fourth bull was a noble one, and Hermoso was magnificent. His horses, “Van Gogh” and “Manolete”, were exceptional, heading into the face of the bull to swerve at the last moment.

Unfortunately the matador´s turn coincided with the Pamplona´s traditional meal in the plaza, and the public was a bit distracted.  To compensate, Hermoso de Mendoza took “Pirata” through a series of breathtaking moves. One, called the “telefonazo”, consists of the matador putting his elbow on the bull´s head. In other words, Hermoso de Mendoza practically made a meal of “Pirata”.

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza: silence, two ears and the ultimate prize – being carried out of the plaza on the shoulders of his fans.

Sergio Galán: Silence following the crowd asking for two ears.

Roberto Armendáriz:  Salutes to the crowd and two ears. Carried out of the ring on the shoulders of fans.

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