TVE Releases Data on Sanfermines 2012

The encierros of 2012 were followed on TVE by 1,651,000 spectators with a screen quota of 72.7%.  These are the third highest figures in its history.  A total of 4,592,000 people watched some of the encierros on TVE in 2012.

The encierro that was most followed was on Wednesday, July 11, with 1,760,000 spectators – the most viewings since July 9, 2010 when there were more than 2 million spectators.  The programme, “Vive San Fermín” on the first channel, had 815,000 (51.7%) spectators getting up early to watch it, according to the web of

The fiestas of San Fermín 2012 ended with an important balance for TVE of 1,651,000 viewers in Channel 1 and in Channel 24 hours. This has been the third best following since 2010 when the figures were 1,700,000, the encierros with a screen quota of 72.7%

Acceptation in screen cuota rose 2.4 points between the figures of Channel 1 and Channel 24 Hours compared to last year. Only taking into account Channel 1, Sanfermines coverage closed with a screen quota of 69.7% – the largest percentage since 2003 when acceptation reached 70%.

A total of 4,592,000 viewers followed some of the encierros in 2012 on TVE between Channel 1 and Channel 24 Hours and a total of 1,688.000, every morning during the fiesta of Sanfermin.

The programme, “Vive San Fermín”, presented by Pilar García Muñiz, Ciudadano García and Patxi Cervantes transmitted in direct every morning of the fiesta.  Their more than 11 hours and a half of programmes in Sanfermines were accompanied each morning by 815,000 people – more than half (51.7 %) – of those watching television.

TVE ended its transmissions with a global balance of 97.7% and 92.000 spectators in Navarra where Channel 1 obtained a quota of 94.8%, 5.6 more points more than in 2011.  Of the population of Navarra, 32% (192,000 people) followed their fiestas at some moment on TVE.

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