List of winners for the VII Photographs of the Encierro Contest

Óscar J. Barroso with his photo of the stretch of the Bajada de Callejón has been named winner of the VII International Competition of Photography – Prize Town Hall of Pamplona of the Encierro for accredited professionals whose verdict was made on Thursday, June 22, 2017.

The jury chose the 11 best photographs, one by one, of the stretches of the Encierro, with Telefónica and the Plaza de Toros left without awards. Three special prizes for their quality were also given to three photographers in the stretches of Santo Domingo, Plaza Consistorial and the Bajada de Callejón.
The jury met on Thursday, June 22, 2017 to choose winners for the seventh edition of the International Competition of Photography of the Encierro for professionals accredited by the Town Hall of Pamplona, organized by the Association of Journalists of Navara and by the International Press Office of Navarra with the collaboration of the Casa de Misericordia, the Carpentry commpany Hermanis -Aldaz Remiro and Bodegas Chivite.

At their meeting, the 11 best photos were chosen, one by one, of the stretches that make up the route of the Encierro, with no prizes for Mercaderes and the Plaza de Toros. Also awarded for their quality were three photos in the stretches of Santo Domingo, Estafeta Inicio and Estafeta Final. Among all of these, the winning photo was chosen and a second one that also has a monetary award.

Each one of the authors of the photographers will receive a trophy from the hands of the sponsors of the prizes. This consists of a piece of a post taken from the fence of the Encierro.

The author of the winning photo will also receive a cobblestone from the route of the Encierro and a monetary prize of 500 euros.

A total of 24, all of them photographers accredited by the Town Hall of Pamplona to cover the running of the bulls, presented 65 works showing diffeent moments of the encierros of 2016.

The jury was was made up by the following:

  • Javier Manero, encierro runner.
  • Xabier Aldaz (Carpentry Hermanos Aldaz Remiro, responsible for the barriers of the encierro)
  • Miguel Ariztegui (Journalists of Navarra.)

(Stretch/Sponsor/ Author)

  • Santo Domingo / Centro Comercial Itaroa / José Ángel Ayerra
  • Plaza Consistorial / Cara Vinagre / Ansoleaga 33 / Marta Roca
  • Mercaderes / Consejo Regulador DO Navarra / Mikel Goñi
  • Curva Mercaderes / Iruñazarra / Mikel Cía
  • Estafeta primera / Katuzarra /  Alejandro Navarro
  • Estafeta segunda / Chez Belagua / Sergio Gago
  • Telefónica Monasterio / – no prize –
  • Bajada Callejón / La Botería / Óscar J. Barroso
  • Callejón / Reyno Gourmet / David González Del Campo
  • Plaza de Toros / Reyno de Navarra / – no prize –

These prizes also consist of a part of the post of the barrier of the Encierro and a BOTELLA MAGNUM 150 ANIVERSARIO DE BODEGAS CHIVITE

Special prizes for their photographic quality :

  • Tramo SANTO DOMINGO cuyo autor es Rubén Albarrán.
  • Tramo PLAZA CONSISTORIAL cuyo autor es Carlos Mediavilla.
  • Tramo BAJADA CALLEJÓN cuyo autor es David Domench.

These awards also go with a piece of the post of the fence of the Encierro and a BOTELLA MAGNUM 150 ANIVERSARIO DE BODEGAS CHIVITE.

Prize of the popular vote:

  • sponsored by the Centro Comercial Itaroa, went to Marta Roca.

Foto classified in Second Place:

  • stretch MERCADERES, whose author is Mikel Goñi. The prize carries 500 euros.

The winning photo of the VI Competition of Photography of the Encierro:

  • for Accredited Professionals – Prize Town Hall of Pamplona is Óscar J. Barroso. This prize consists of 1,000 euros and a cobblestone from the route of the Encierro.

The award ceremony will take place on July 11 at 11:00 a.m. in the Café Iruña.

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