Damp ground could not slow down the Victoriano del Río bulls on July 12

Photo by David González del Campo.

The bulls of Victoriano del Río flew to the bullring, true to form.  The sixth encierro of 2018 was clean and very fast, lasting 2 minutes and 20 seconds.  A light rain began to fall only a few minutes before the encierro and, with it, a fear that a downpour was in the making.  Once again, San Fermín took pity on all those upturned faces ,and the Victoriano del Río bulls from the Sierra of Madrid unrolled an encierro with no serious wounds, according to first medical reports.

Only one person was taken to the Navarra Hospital Complex (CHN) – a regular on the route of the encierro (J.Z.U., male, 60 years old, Zuasti de Iza)- for a craneal contusion.  Another was carried to the ambulatory center, San Martín for a traumatism (D.G.M., male, 24 years old, San Fernando de Henares (Madrid))

Speed and more speed stood out in this encierro of July 12.  At the end of the slope of Santo Domingo, with the oxen at the steering wheel,  the compact herd paid no attention to another runner frozen on the left side of the route. At the Town Hall, a bull slipped on the cobblestones but immediately got up and continued the race with the others.

In the curve of Mercaderes with Estafeta, a group of paralyzed runners were knocked around a bit, causing them to fall in Estafeta.  The bulls of Victoriano del Río rocketed so fast on Estafeta that some very experienced runners could not keep up with the speed. They were literally run over.  Some of these falls were spectacular. One bull passed the rest, and at the end of Estafeta and in the curve towards the entrance to the ring hit a runner with its giant head, and ran over several others for good measure. One was transferred to CHN.

Before entering the ring, a third bull caught up with the first two, jumping over a “mozo” that had fallen in the ring.  The remaining three bulls quickly arrived along with the oxen.

In their ninth, consecutive  visit to the Bull Fighting Fair of Pamplona, the Victoriano del Ríos ran as always in spite of the damp ground beneath their hooves, never slower than two minutes and a half, full of emotion for what might happen, but in the end, with no serious incident, according to the information the OIP has access to.

Medical report: https://bit.ly/29wi3Kb

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