421 journalists were accredited to cover the encierros of 2012

A total of 421 people were accredited to cover some of the encierros in 2012 – the same number as last year. These professionals worked for 147 media – three more than in 2011 – to carry imagens of Sanfermines throughout the world.

Some 92% of these journalists and photojournalists were accredited to cover the encierro from the barricades, while the other 8% were stationed in the Casa Seminario or in the Town Hall, according to the final balance of fiestas released by the Mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya.

The Town Hall accredited professionals from 18 different countries, with a greater presence of media from Latin America than last year. The mayority of accreditations went to media from Spain and Europe (Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Holland and Belgium). Many professionals were from the United States and other countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia or Brazil. Also present were journalists and photojournalists from countries such as Australia or Japan.

Chupinazo, the parade to Visperas and Pobre de Mí:

154 professionals from 50 media worked from July 6 during the Chupinazo, or start of the fiestas, to transmit the beginning of Sanfermines throughout the world. Professionals from radios, press, television, international news agencies and different audiovisual production companies shared space in the Casa Consistorial (92 people) and in the Casa Seminario (62) – which the Town Hall puts at their disposition when accredited.

The including of the March to Visperas in the official programme of Sanfermines 2012 attracted the attention of the press, especially local and national. To cover this act, the Town Hall opened the Casa Seminario to journalists and photojournalists. 42 were accredited from 22 media.

The Pobre de Mí, which marks the end of the fiesta, was covered by 91 professionals from 40 accredited media who could follow the last act of the of the Town Hall´s programme from the Town Hall (33), from the Casa Seminario (28),or from a space in the Town Hall plaza, next to the band (30).

Fifteen media requested press passes to enable them to cover the encierrillos.

Each year San Fermín is the setting for different audiovisual projects wanting to capture imagens of the fiestas for films or for documentaries. One of the most important was the producer from Navarra, Maitena Muruzábal, who recorded for the film “Blue Lips” the interior of the Town Hall during the Chupinazo as well as the encierro and the encierrillo.

FLF Films, with an American production company, making a documental on the encierro, worked during Sanfermines 2012 and a British production company, Fare Films were also filming a documentary on the encierro. Two other initiatives of recording imagens in 3D were centered on the fiesta and the encierros.

The Town Hall authorized a production company linked to a brand of drinks to cover the encierro in an original manner with several runners recording within the encierro while following all rules for such projects in 2012.

The fiesta was able to be followed from http:// sanfermin.pamplona.es/ located in the Casa Seminario that generated panoramic images of the entire plaza of the Town Hall every five minutes of every day of Sanfermines.

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