Ceremony for Winners of V International Photography Contest of the Encierro

A smiling Joseba Asirón, the new mayor of Pamplona, presided over the awards ceremony of the V International Photography Contest of the Encierro held yesterday in the Café Iruña.

The Café Iruña, located in the Plaza del Castillo, was full to the brim yesterday with photography winners, friends and families in a highly emotional event complete with music, tears and laughter.  The organizers of the act are the Association of Journalists of Navarra and the International Press Office of Navarra (OIP) with the objective of inspiring photographers to capture memories of the Encierro in pictures.  And some very special trophies are the prizes: a square of wood from the barricades of the Encierro, a cobblestone taken from the path of the Encierro, stepped upon by millions of runners and a Magnum bottle of special reserve marking the 125 anniversary of Bodegas Chivite contributed by José Luis Diaz, representing the famous winery.

The Mayor of Pamplona, Joseba Asirón, was present in the act to give the first prize Town Hall of Pamplona to David González del Campo for his photo obtained in the Santo Domingo section of the Encierro. In addition to his other trophies, Del Campo received a check for 1,500 euros.  The Mayor emphasized the importance of “showing the best of San Fermín and the special character of the fiesta”.

Leading up to the prize for David González del Campo, other extraordinary photos were rewarded.  Javier Sesma was recognized by the Popular Jury, sponsored by the Commercial Center, Itaroa, for a photo taken in Estafeta and given to him by the Center´s manager, Patxi Biurrun.

Other special prizes went to David González del Campo for photos in the Estafeta stretch and to Juan Antonio Garaikoetxea, whose photo was of Mercaderes. Prizes were handed to them by Alberto Provedo, representing the Cofradia Musical San Saturnino and Juan Busto, manager of the Café Iruña.

Photos taken in the 12 sections of the Encierro were also rewarded. David González del Campo for Santo Domingo received his prize from the President of the Consejo Regulador DO Navarra, David Palacios.

Silvia Ollo was rewarded for her photo in the Mercaderes stretch from the hands of Agustín Ansa of Freixenet.

The prize for the Curve of Mercaderes went to Rubén Albarrán from Óscar Insausti, director of the Center of Institutions of La Caixa in Navarra.

Eva Sánchez, the winner of the Beginning of Estafeta, was given her prize by Irene del Pozo, from the Commercial Center Itaroa.

The Middle of Estafeta photo winner was Sergio Gago who received his prize from the hands of Lucinda Poole, member of the International Press Office of Navarra (OIP).

Marta Roca was rewarded for her photo of The End of Estafeta. The sponsor of this prize, Cristina Lecumberri, director of the area of promotion of Reyno Gourmet, was in charge of giving the prize.

Óscar Jiménez was recognized for the Final Stretch of the Callejón, sponsored by La Botería. Koldo and María of La Botería gave Jiménez his prize.

Patxi Pérez, vice-president of the Association of Journalists of Navarra, handed Rubén Albarrán his prize, sponsored by the Casa de Misericordia for the Bull Ring.

There were no prizes awarded for four sections of the Encierro: Plaza Consistorial, sponsored by Cofradía Musical San Saturnino; Duque de Ahumada (Journalists of Navarra); Telefónica Curve (Hemingway corner) and the Callejón (OIP).

The members of the jury for the fifth edition of this photography contest were the photojournalist, Jorge Nagore; Xabier Aldaz, carpenters responsible for setting up the barriers of the Encierro;  Miguel Alústiza, director of External Relations of the MECA of Pamplona and Miguel Moreno, of Journalists of Navarra.

In this year´s contest 57 photos taken in the Encierros of 2014 and signed by 25 authors, accredited by the Town Hall of Pamplona to cover the Encierro.  A selection of these images can be seen in Baluarte. Soon they will be hung in the Palacio del Condestable, Civican, la Casa de Misericordía, el Rincón de Hemingway, the commercial center, Itaroa or in Chez Belagua. The photos will then journey to other cities in Spain and abroad.

In addition to the sponsors, the organization of this contest was in collaboration with the MECA, Bodegas Chivite, Café Iruña, Carpintería Hermanos Aldaz and the Corte Inglés.

The wonderful musicians of Cofradia Musical San Saturnino played an important role in the enjoyment of those present in Café Iruña.

A gallery of photos can be seen on the OIP web page.

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