Jiménez Fortes Debuts with the Opening of the Doors of the Ring in the Bullfight of July 11

The first bull of the afternoon of the July 11 fights was the only one that did not run the encierro as it replaced an animal that had been injured that morning. César Jiménez opened his muleta performance on his knees, causing excitemente in the fan as to what might  come. Unfortunately the bull and the matador were not comfortable with each other.  The Fuente Ymbro bull sought out the outer boards of the ring, but, at the same time, the bull kept on charging the muleta. Nothing much could be done, and the bull lost force.  Sword thrust placed well.  Applauses.

The second Fuente Ymbro entered the ring with little emotion because of its kilos or for it age.  Rubén Pinar was correct and determined.  The bull, without viciousness and the presence of  certain class, lost force at the end of the fight, and the matador was unable to transmit anything to the spectators.  Silence.

The third bull for Jiménez Fortes tended to find its spot on the outer boards of the ring, although it continued to give play and tried to attack.  The matador carried out a set of very good passes with the muleta, but he was forced to shorten distances and put himself between horns where he seemed to feel more comfortable. Very brave with the muleta and a well-known ear.

The fourth of the afternoon for César Jiménez was also a bull that could be worked with although it lacked breeding, but the performance didn´t reach the fans.  The matador tried, but in the end. everyone was a bit bored. Cross-wide sword thrust and a coup de grâce.  Hand claps.

Rubén Pinar drew a bull with little fighting blood. It never stopping looking for a spot against the sides of the ring, although it took the pic well.  The matador tried to lead the bull to the center but it was impossible. In spite of this, Rubén Pinar refused to let it escape and was able to pull out four profound passes with the muleta. Good Kill.  Ear

Jiménez Fortes stepped onto the sand for the last bull of the afternoon with determination in his face. He kept the public in heart-attack mode while he leaned into the bull, taking great risks. He fought between the horns while the bull looked for a safe place against the sides of the ring. With bravery and firmness, Jiménez Fortes fought  well and connected with the public. His prize was the opening of the big door of the bullring and carried out on the shoulders of fans. Good sword thrust. Ear.

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