July 10. Sixth bullfight of Sanfermines with Fandiño at the wheel

Matías Tejela from Alcala de Henares (Madrid) was more than content with the first El Pilar bull until the animal suffered an injury to his right front foot.  The matador was just finding his own footing when luck deserted him, and he was forced to cut short the show with a sword placed low. Applause for Tejela.

Iván Fandiño was unable to work the second bull of Moisés Fraile as it went downhill fast after every pass with the muleta, and this time no one could blame the picador.  In spite of this, the matador from Bilbao continued to try, and what the bull couldn´t do, the bullfighter did. A well-placed sword and an ear awarded for determination.

David Mora´s El Pilar was a good and manageable animal that took to the muleta with brio, but only lasted a few minutes. David Mora knew how to fit his style to the bull and keep it on its feet. He killed very well and was awarded an ear.

At first the fourth bull recalled the strength of the El Pilar´s in the morning´s encierro.  When given distance, it responded well to passes on the right. The matador achieved some emotional cape work, and it was a shame that the bull then gave out, leaving Matías Tejela with his hands empty. Bad kill. Silence.

Fandiño began the faena of the muleta from the center of the ring with the sword and was able to capture the attention of the public who enjoyed the best passes of the afternoon.  A well-deserved ear and the honor of being carried out of the ring on the shoulders of fans.

David Mora wanted to equal Fandiño in the last fight of the afternoon. The public gave him support, and the Moisés Fraile bull, also. Mora fought well past both of the animal´s horns. The matador was brave, but took two tries to kill and was awarded one ear.

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