New Book “El Encierro de Pamplona y sus Primeros Corredores”

Koldo Larrea, journalist and bullfight critic from Pamplona, has written a new

book on Bulls and the fiesta of Sanfermines. Under the title, “El Encierro de

Pamplona y sus Primeros Corredores” or “The Encierro of Pamplona and Its First Runners”, the book tells the history and evolution of this most universally known event from 1872 to 1900.

In its pages one can find the answers to questions such as when did the running of thebulls begin, changes to the route of the “encierro” and when did a group of runners called “los divinos” or the divine ones first make an appearance.

“El Encierro de Pamplona y sus Primeros Corredores” is not only about bulls, according to the author. As information from the earliest times is sometimes scarce, the book´s content is situated in the historical context of Pamplona, Navarra and Spain. Its pages are penned by this knowledgeable fan and follower of the “encierro” and its history with the care and accuracy of a journalist who also gives credit to the sources he consults. A book, explains Larrea, that has as its goal to recuperate a small part of the history of Pamplona at the complicated end of the 19th century, and also show the importance that fighting bulls had and still have in the capital of the old Kingdom of Navarra as well as explaining how the “encierro” grew from almost nothing to become with the passing of time to mean everything to Pamplona, our much loved Iruña.

Koldo Larrea Apezteguía is a journalist and bullfight critic for the newspaper, Diario de Navarra and bullfighting correspondent for the radio program, “Carrusel Taurino” of Canal Sur Radio. “El Encierro de Pamplona y Sus Primeros Corredores” is Larrea´s fifth book about San Fermín. Others are Historia Taurina de Pamplona en el siglo XX. 101 Años de Pasión por los Toros (2002); Pamplona y Toros. Siglo XIX (2009); Caravinagre. Mis Memorias (2010); co-authored with Satur Napal El Encierro de Pamplona y sus Protagonistas (2005) and Cuatro Siglos de Casta Navarra. Pasado, Presente y Futuro (2005) with Miguel Reta and Ramón Villanueva.


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