Tim Pinks from the Point of View of a Miura

Tim Pinks, an author who currrently lives in London, has lived the fiesta of Sanfermines since 1984, including running in the encierro until, as Pinks confesses, “I became  a bit afraid and decided to write a book.”  Not just any bull, but one he had dreamed about years before.  In the dream, he is running in the encierro and upon reaching the entrance to the bull ring, a Miura tells him he doesn´t want to die and asks for help. Pinks advises him to face his destiny.

TIM PINKS San Fermín Festival Pamplona 2013, Spain

Foto de Maite Hernández Mateo

The strory, published in English, Basque and in Spanish follows the life of the Miura from the ranch to the bull ring in Pamplona, but from the point of view of the bull.  The book is titled, Bullseye”  (Eye of the Bull).

“I don´t consider myself a “guiri”, said Pinks in a news conference, “and the book is written with great love for the Sanfermines – an increible fiesta.



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