Stars of the 2019 Bullfight Fair in Sanfermines

The Casa de Misericordia of Pamplona has ended the speculation regarding who would step onto the sand of the ring during Sanfermines… and which bulls they will face in this spectacular fight to the death.

For the first time, a ranch from Tarifa, Cádiz, La Palmosilla, will bring bulls to Pamplona, and also for the first time, Javier Marín from Navarra will debut in the ring on July 13. Also debuting as matadors in Pamplona are Pablo Aguado and Juan Leal.

The well-known Andrés Roca Rey from Peru will fight on July 10 against Jandilla bulls and on July 12 with bulls from the ranch Núñez del Cuvillo.  Julián López “El Juli” ,always popular in Pamplona, will face bulls from Victoriano del Río on July 11.  Antonio Ferrera will also share the ring on July 11 and Cayetano on July 12 with bulls from the Núñez del Cuvillo ranch.

Bull ranches signed contracts for Sanfermines 2019 with the Casa de Misericordia at the end of last year. The Jandilla bull ranch was the winner of the prize, “Bullfight Fair 2018” for bulls fought last year on July 13 by the matadors, Juan José Padilla, Cayetano and Andrés Roca Rey as well as Puerto de San Lorenzo, awarded last year the prize “Carriquiri” for the best bull of the Fair, named “Cuba” and fought on July 7, 2018 by Paco Ureña.

Returning to Pamplona for the 2019 Bullfight Fair of Sanfermines will be the following ranches:  Miura, Victoriano del Río, Cebada Gago, José Escolar and Núñez del Cuvillo. The ranch from Navarra, Pincha, will again provide bulls for the “novillada” or fight with young bulls and the ranch for “rejones” or bulls to be fought on horseback is, again this year, El Capea.

The Bullfight Fair of 2019

July 5, Friday at 8 p.m.

“Novillada”. Pincha ranch. Lodosa (Navarra).


Francisco de Manuel, Antonio Grande and Diego San Román.


  • July 6, Saturday

El Capea ranch. San Pelayo de Guareña (Salamanca). Bulls to be fought on horseback.

Horseback bullfighters:

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Leonardo Hernández and Roberto Armendáriz.

  • July 7, Sunday

Puerto de San Lorenzo Bulls. Tamames (Salamanca).


Emilio de Justo, Alberto López Simón and Ginés Marín.

  • July 8, Monday

Bulls from Cebada Gago in Medina Sidonia (Cádiz)


Manuel Escribano, Rubén Pinar and Juan del Álamo.

  • July 9, Tuesday

Bulls from José Escolar. Lanzahíta (Avila)


Fernando Robleño, Javier Castaño and Pepe Moral.

  • July 10, Wednesday

Bulls from Jandilla.  Mérida (Badajoz)


Diego Urdiales, Sebastián Castella and Roca Rey.

  • July 11, Thursday

Bulls from Victoriano del Río.  Guadalix (Madrid)


Antonio Ferrera, Julián López “El Juli” and Pablo Aguado.

  • July 12, Friday

Bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo.  Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz)


Miguel Ángel Perera, Cayetano and Andrés Roca Rey.

  • July 13, Saturday

Bulls from La Palmosilla in Tarifa (Cádiz)


José Garrido, Luis David and Javier Marín.

  • July 14, Sunday

Miura Bulls from Lora del Río (Sevilla)


Rafael Rubio “Rafaelillo”, Octavio Chacón and Juan Leal.

Tickets can be bought on the web


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