Jonan Basterra, surprised and honoured with the prize

Jonan Basterra, 42, from Pamplona, photographer, winner of the II International Photo Contest of the “encierros”(running of the bulls), said that he feels surprised and honoured to have been distinguished with the best picture of the encierros from last year. A prize he received just 20 years after the first time he climbed onto the barricades to take his first images from one of the most famous runs of the world.

-“It is a surprise. I didn’t expect it, he said. For me it’s an honour to have been chosen among all this colleagues. It’s really an honour”.

-The picture prized is an image of a bull and a man running, only the two of them, the man with his hand measuring the distance between him and the bull, the perfect run. ¿Were you surprised to see just that picture chosen? ¿What did you want to express with that? ¿Or it was just a lucky shot?

-“I sent three pictures to the contest and I was more fond of another one. This one is simpler. A lone runner with his hand extended towards the bull. You can see the hand very neatly. I had confidence in this picture too, because if not I wouldn’t have summited it”.

This contest is open to photographers accredited by an office that this year had given accreditations to almost 2.500 professionals from 17 Countries. Is this an additional motive of satisfaction for you?

“When I watch the finalist pictures, I see people whom I admire. I see people I work with in the barricades, people from whom I learned a lot, watching them work and I felt very honoured”.

Jonan also was deeply moved because, he said “This is my first San Fermín without my mother” who died recently, and he dedicated the prize to her.

[Contributed by Olga Brajnovic]

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