Sanfermines Gets Off to a Late Start on July 6

The Chupinazo rocket, which signals the beginnings of Sanfermines, was delayed until 12:18 due to an Irurriña flag, hung over the façade of the Town Hall. Today there will be a meeting of Town Hall officials to discuss this.

Eighteen minutes after noon, the municipal representative of the Socialist Party, Eduardo Vall, standing on the second balcony of the Town Hall, was finally able to shoot into the air  the rocket while pronouncing the traditional welcome.  !People of Pamplona, Iruindarrak, and visitors, Viva San Fermín, Gora San Fermín!  Vall was accompanied by Ana Irena Rodeles, president. of the ONCE, an organization to help the blind, celebrating its 75 anniversary in Navarra.

The plaza in front of the Town Hall, as is the case every year, was completely full of revelers waiting with their red scarves on high for the fuse to be lit, sending a rocket into the air, which begins nine days and nights of Sanfermines. In a space of 2,500 m2  and in the small streets leading off of it, some 12,500 people can squeeze in.

International Retransmission

The chupinazo, also followed by visitors on giant screens that the Town Hall mounted throughout the city  More than 150 journalists were accredited by the Casa Seminario and the Town Hall. In addition there are 426 accredited journalists for the running of the bulls and 95 for the “Pobre de Mi” or Poor Me.  These professionals cover the fiesta for magazines, newspapers, televisions, and news agencies from countries such as Germany, France, Japan, South Africa, Australia, the United States, Sweden, Venezuela, Finland, Holland, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Portugal or Russia.

The Town Hall of Pamplona also offers two hashtags #sf13 and #sanfermines for a running commentary on Twitter and Facebook.


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