Turkey in Sanfermines

The International Press Office (OIP) is visited by many foreign journalists who need a quiet place to work. These days Berkan Unlu and Evrim Aydim, correspondents from Turkey, were here to capture the fiesta of Sanfermines. This was their first time in Pamplona.

The cameraman and editor from the Turkish agency, Anadolu, arrived on July 5 to live the fiesta in situ from the beginning of the fiesta to capture the most traditional and important events of Sanfermines.

Upon leaving, these two professionals commented their surprise at the immense number of people they had seen in the streets that even made walking difficult. “I saw many Americans, said Berkan, but we were not able to be with anyone from Pamplona except for the journalists who work in the OIP.”

Both were present at the Chupinazo, the concerts on July 6, the lower corrals where the bulls stay until they are herded up to the corrals of Santo Domingo, the first encierro and the Procession of San Fermín. They watched the encierro from a balcony in Estafeta Street.

“The street is very long, continued Berkan, but the bulls pass by very quickly so what you see is a small part of the encierro.  Everything is a little confusing. First you look for a balcony for those 20 seconds.  I thought that the encierro would last more time and that the bulls would run slower.”

Berkan has been living in Madrid for 12 years and speaks Spanish. He has covered the most important fiestas in all of Spain – San Isidro, Las Fallas, la Feria de Sevilla….. I was looking forward to Sanfermines and the Tomatina.  This year I´m going to both of them.  Ifi I had to choose, it would be Las Fallas en Valencia because there are fewer people.  Here there are so many people and the streets, so narrow that I felt a little overwhelmed.”

These two journalists were unable to take advantage of  other facets of the culture of Navarra. “We ate meat with potatoes in Foster´s Hollywood. At least, since we got to Pamplona on July 5, we could go to a typical restaurant beside the Town Hall.  We loved it. I think that you eat better in north of Spain.”

As a souvenir, they packed their red Sanfermines scarf and t-shirts before catching the train. “Our t-shirts were from kukkuku – what is that?”  When they are told that the word “kukuxumuxu” means the kiss of the flea, they left the OIP with a strange look on their faces.  Watching the encierro didn´t seem quite so strange.

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